Pricing Prices are in credits.
Billing cycle is one month.
You can buy or earn credits.

10 credits

best price out there for features you get

100 credits

get 2 months free
Free Liberland

0 credits

Basic system is free for all companies and citizens of Liberland



Additional sitesup to 30%

  • Each next10%
  • Duplicate version
    (switching manually, a/b testing) 20%
  • Same version in additional language30%

Pay in advance up to 20%

  • 3 months10%
  • 6 months15%
  • a year20%

Note Discounts cannot be combined

Put advertisers on your page and we will give you additional discount on your monthly subscriptions

  • 1 placeholder10%
  • 2 placeholders15%
  • 3 placeholders20%

Put advertisers on your 3rd website using our script and we will pay you montly   * For webistes with 100+ users daily

  • Per viewfrom 1c/1000 views
  • Per clickfrom 0.1c/click
Irregular use will terminate account
  • Find a client and we will reward you with 3 month package worth   * after we receive 3rd payment from the client
  • Start an agency and maintain sites for your clients and we split income 50/50