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  • Free domain and email forwarding with every account
    Just give us a hint, we will track best domain name for you Get office@[] mail sent to your email
  • Connect your own domain (optional)
    Point your domain to our nameservers and start building the site
  • Set working hours, location, products and more.
    Large help files on how to create best content.
  • Free setup
    Initial site setup from our managers or with assisted help
  • Manage content

  • Define your categories
    Just give it a title. You can add and description and image, too.
  • Add products / services / items
    Type in title, add price, short and long description, your own image or use one from our huge imagebank
  • Setup sections

  • Check sections you want to use on your site
    (slider, about, categories, blog and more)
  • Chose images and colors for sections
  • Keep your customers updated

  • Write blog posts
    Full blogging system inside.
  • Get notified for user actions
    On visitors subscribe or contacting you via contact form
  • Send newsletters

  • Featured sites on our system

    Terms and conditions


    Very simple T&C, please read, as we might disable you account for it.

    We are aware that out terms and conditions are pretty restricted, that's why we keep the simple list.

    Basically, illegal and unhealthy stuff are prohibited. We keep rights to remove accounts with items or categories on restricted list.

    Full disclaimers
    Restricted content
    • Pornography
    • Child abuse
    • Narcotics
    • Alcohol
    • Tobacco
    • Chemical, firearms or weapons of mass destruction
    • Gambling
    • Loans / interests
    • Other illegal stuff / per country restrictions
    Notice, no matter how much in advance you payed, we will disable accounts with restricted content, until removed.
    Full terms


    Basic package

  • Free domain or use your own
  • Ease of use
  • Simple interface
  • Basic templates
  • Automatic backups
  • Limits
  • Up to 10 categories and 100 items
  • 1gb storage for images
  • 100gb monthly transfer(~1000 people/day)
  • Advanced package

    All basic +
  • Advanced templates
  • Interactions with users
  • Limits
  • Up to 100 categories and 1000 items
  • 5gb storage for images and documents
  • 1Tb monthly transfer (~10000 people/day)

  • Contact us
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